All about energy logistics

Switzerland has no natural gas resources of its own, so it has to import all it needs over the finely meshed European (and then Swiss) natural gas network.  Close cooperation among all the procurement entities and foreign and domestic network operators is required to ensure that the natural gas procured by the regional and other procurement entities reaches the gas supply companies. Year-round, 24/7 “energy logistics” and “dispatching” are needed to that purpose. Such interfacing tasks involve numerous computerized processes, such as:

  • coordinated order execution and/or nominations submitted with suppliers and network operators/carriers on behalf of procurement entities
  • support for ordinary and extraordinary incidents
  • Managing the scope of consolidation, invoicing, ensuring of contractual compliance and clarification of mismatches
  • Assistance and support for compliance with regulatory requirements

To date, such "dispatching" has primarily been ensured in Switzerland by Swissgas, using its own resources as well as outsourcing from Erdgas Ostschweiz AG.

In 2019, Swissgas shareholders, as part of the strategic reorientation, decided that such "dispatching" would no longer be carried out and managed by Swissgas starting from April 2023, but rather by the regional companies and various procurement entities, either individually or in some cases jointly.

Building applications

Third-party building applications are now submitted directly to the Swiss Federal Pipeline Inspectorate (Eidgenössisches Rohrleitungsinspektorat, ERI).

Building applications